Port Royal

Port-Royal National Historic Site of Canada

Where the grace of nature meets the passage of time

Port Royal "Habitation"

Port Royal "Habitation"

Surging into Annapolis Basin the powerful tides carry not only the cold, nutrient-rich waters of the Bay of Fundy, but also the collective memory of North America’s early colonial history.  The imagination’s ear can still hear the voices of the Mi’kmaq, who traveled here for thousands of years, or the music and laughter of the Order of Good Cheer at the Habitation, which Champlain helped found at Port-Royal in 1605. See, feel and hear more stories!
Canada’s first major historical reconstruction opens the emotions to the heart of Canadian history in one of North America’s oldest communities. Be a kid again. Play! Explore! Let your imagination soar. Costumed animators share the stories of the men who lived here. In the Common room, you may even hear the distant echo of laughing voices as members of the Order of Good Cheer share their table with the Mik’maq.

Even now – more than 400 years after the French first stepped ashore here – the ground still pulses with mystery.

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